Optos California

Optomap has been shown to enhance pathology detection and disease management which improves patient outcomes. The Daytona system is a true Ultra Wide Field imaging device giving the best pictures and often eliminating the need for dilation.

Centervue iScan

OCT, or Optical Coherence Tomography, allows for fast and precise non-invasive visualization of the retina and optic nerve structure and cornea. By using light reflection, OCT provides detailed images of ocular tissue structure, enabling early detection of anomalies and monitoring of ocular disease progression.

Zeiss Humphrey Field Analyzer

Humphrey Field Analyzer is the cornerstone of the Integrated Diagnostic Imaging platform for glaucoma that provides a new level of information for optimal patient management based on visual field function and corresponding OCT structure data.

Essilor Wavefront Aberrometer

Wave Analyzer Medica (WAM800) is a very intuitive, rapid and fully-automatic wavefront aberrometer that combines several technologies to provide a comprehensive screening of the eye in less than two minutes.
Glaucoma screening and monitoring
Keratoconus detection
Cataract screening

Waggoner Computerized Color Vision Test (WCCVT)

WCCVT is an all-in-one color vision testing suite designed to satisfy anyone interested in testing for color vision deficiencies, ranging from school nurses to the U.S. Military. The diagnostic tests are perfect for identifying both genetic and acquired color vision deficiencies and then providing the type and severity of the deficiency. It has the shortest testing times for individuals with normal color vision.

Optikam Digital Measurement

Takes 10 measurements in one picture ensuring your glasses line up with the way you wear them; the prescription is critical but the measurements can make a huge difference.

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