Eye Focus Savings Club 2024

Sharper Vision, Smarter Spending

WHAT: Eye Focus is an annual membership plan offered by Cleary Square Eyecare. It provides you with complete eyewear and eyecare services. This plan can be tailored to your individual needs to include comprehensive eye exams and/or a complete pair of glasses without the hassle of insurance premiums.

WHY: A majority of patients with vision plans end up spending MORE money for LESS goods and services compared to patients who pay out of pocket. Vision plans have hidden additional costs in the form of premiums automatically deducted from paychecks or monthly dues when purchased directly. So on top of the co-pays you pay at the time of your visit you have already spent money on the plan.

HOW: Eye Focus provides a flat rate for eye exams and glasses with no hidden costs. By minimizing administrative time involved with insurances, we can decrease costs for our products and services. These savings are then passed on to our patients.

BONUS: If you already locked yourself into an insurance plan for the year you can often submit to your vision plan for a partial reimbursement. Also, ask us if your medical insurance covers your visit.